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Olympic Weightlifting Coaching

Day To Day Programming

  • Recommended for beginners to intermediate lifters who need constant feedback and corrections). Flat rate monthly payment. Programming sent through email or text. Includes video analysis.

Weekly Programming

  • Available for intermediate-advanced lifters only who have a flexible schedule. Flat rate monthly payment. Programming sent through email or text. Includes video analysis.

Programming includes:

  • Improving Flexibility and Mobility

  • Building Leg strength, Pull and Strengthening Posture used in weightlifting.

  • Correctional exercises will be given for specific weaknesses associated with lifter. (ex. Pulls off deficit, block pulls, pause squats, partial reps, overhead stability, etc.)


Strength & Conditioning

Building a solid foundation that will help improve everyday activities. 

  • Learn to move correctly, efficiently and better.

  • Learn stretches to do on your own and self myofascial release techniques.

  • Learn to treat lower back pain and weak torso and posture.

  • Learn to focus and concentrate on a different level.


Athletic Development

Learn how to develop power and explosive strength through a standard strength/agility training program that can be applied to any sport.

No matter what age, gender, or skill level, any athlete can benefit through the refinement of their technique. 


Learn the basics of the compound movements. As you progress to the intermediate and advanced level we will encourage you to step onto the platform. Competition will be an exciting way to see you progress and it is my passion to help you get there.

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