General strength & conditioning

"Kevin has been working with me for over a year. He is a trainer as well as a teacher. Kevin takes time to curate a program based on critical assessment of needs and goals that changes with progression. I recommend Kevin based on his detail, knowledge and commitment for better."


General strength & conditioning, Mobility

Kevin tailors his approach to the specific needs of his clients… he has the knack of being to work with the young and the old, the injured and the in-form, the athlete or the weekend warrior.


Lynchburg Girls Lacrosse

I started training with Kevin (aka Mindful Intensity) last year in preparation for my first year of collegiate lacrosse. I didn’t want to go into lifts behind the rest of my team needing to catch up. Training with Kevin gave me an edge going into fall lifts by making me stronger than some girls, even those who have been on the team for four years. Although I’ve never played lacrosse with Kevin, I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be the athlete I am today without his help.


Olympic Weightlifting

So I’ve been taking barbell for about five to six months. I cry every time. I’m so weak. Kevin continues to yell at me because I’m frail and have no muscle. He occasionally compliments me. I guess he’s alright.

Barbell class with Kevin is fun, engaging and challenging. It's helped me become more explosive as well as increase my stability and mobility. I'd recommend this class to any athlete whose looking to push themselves to the next level

Mike F.


Nicki T.


Olympic Weightlifting is a difficult sport but is worth every minute of it. Coach K challenged me mentally and physically every time I stepped foot on the platform. After a while, I started to see progress not only in my lifts, but in other aspects of my life. Because of him, I am a stronger individual both inside and out.

I've always been into working out and staying in shape since I have been playing sports since I can remember. Lifting heavy was never a thing for me until I started doing Olympic lifts with coach K by my side. He really pushes you pass your limits and expectations and that's when you achieve greatness. I feel like he's not just my lifting coach but in someways my life coach.

Giuseppe D.

Olympic Weightlifting

I reached out to Transform Fitness because I was interested in working over the winter on my weaknesses and imbalances. I'm a cyclist and a runner and those weaknesses typically mean I'm getting injured or not performing to my ability.  I was setup with Kevin and I wasn't sure what to think initially. He certainly doesn't look like a cyclist or a runner. In the end that didn't matter at all.  Kevin observes and listens and is constantly tweaking things that helped me work towards my goals. There was enough variety in the workouts that kept things interesting but not too much variety where I wasn't able to see progress. I really enjoyed working with Kevin and hope I have an opportunity to do so again in the future. I highly recommend him.


Strength & Conditioning

If you are ready to invest in your fitness journey, than you need to have Kevin be your guide.  He has a wealth of information combined with an intensity that inspires you to be your best.  Under his mindful programming, my strength and lift numbers increased exponentially, as well as the state of my conditioning.  Kevin will teach you all you need to know to get you on the right path.

Daniele T.

Strength & Conditioning

Bronx, New York could be a challenging place to grow up to. I am sure many could relate to this adversity. However, it is the people the resemble how to overcome them, as well as the idea behind the motive you are trying to overcome.

That is honestly what makes the idea behind Mindful Intensity great! I am a young college athlete whom has been training with Kevin for over year now, and although my talents have brought me to much experiences as in feeling the hot Florida sun in my eyes, or driving by the San Francisco Bay Bridge, Kevin’s focus and determination drives me to want to experience these memories and turn them into an everyday action.

I am not just one of these guys trying to blow smoke into someone’s yarn; Kevin pushed me and gave me that small edge that has given me the confidence needed for my upcoming season. Working with Kevin I had 1 goal, and that was to be more Explosive in everything I do. Period. That’s it you say? No, I wanted to run faster, react quicker, hit the baseball harder… if everyone could get better at these things there wouldn’t be competition. However, now I am the competition. Kevin helped me bring my 60 yard dash down from a 7.3 to a 6.7! (Football scouts only know how impressive this is.) On top of that, I batted .400 in the summer along with some homeruns and extra base hits as I am more explosive with my hips, which only Kevin noticed.

Again, I don’t bring this up as a sense of self-pride or appreciation, I want you to know that if you really want to turn something into a reality, the whole world conspires it into turning it into one, and Kevin’s mindful intensity represents just that, a lifestyle through the mental ins and outs of working and striving for what you want to make real.

Kevin will work around your schedule and your needs, on top of your eating habits and make sure your mind is always in synch with your body. I was always eager for any advice I could find or any direction that could better direct my career in making me the player that I want to be so I am very thankful of the techniques of mind/body have changed my perspectives and allow fluid motion throughout the body, and will hopefully lead me to a better on field game as a College Baseball player in works of a Professional Contract. Thank you Kevin. Let’s keep working!

William D.

Strength & conditioning

Kevin has been a tremendous part of #teamtransform since the beginning of our year run here on Columbus Ave. 

From helping us go to the village to hand in paperwork allowing us to meet tight deadlines to being someone we could always rely on in the early stages of building transform fitness - Kevin has always gone above and beyond. 

What makes Coach K special is his ability to quietly analyze and digest what is going on around him. He is critical and precise with the aspects of health and fitness that make him tick (his passions)  Barbell, his clients, self educating and learning new exercises (ex. gymnastics). He is always looking to improve. 

This is his Mindful Intensity. 

As co owner of Transform Fitness what I find most admirable about Kevin is the pride he takes in his clients. They truly rely on him and he has fostered a relationship with each of them that makes their bond inseparable. 

While there are ups and downs , flaws and successes in everyone - one thing that has never been questioned by me is Kevin's loyalty

Just recently myself and my partners Brian and Ryan decided to create a new position for Kevin- promoting him to Apparel and Aesthetics Manager. Kevin has shown an interest in clothing, accessories, and branding - it is apparent that this new found passion is an area Kevin loves to work with. 

He proved himself again after managing 10 new apparel piece designs, styles, finding a distributor,   and expediting the shipment for all 200 pieces to arrive well before our deadline. 

Thank you Kevin .. you truly are #TeamTransform


Team Transform, Co-Owner