🏋️‍♀️Technique tip of the day: Snatch pulls are very useful in developing explosiveness (helps to have decent shoulder mobility. If you're not there you might want to work on it before adding it to your arsenal of assistance exercises.

🔑: During the snatch pull the most important things to remember is using your legs (primarily the quads) and hips to get the weight up, keep shoulders over the bar if not slightly ahead of the bar if looking from the side, keep the bar close to your body from start to finish, move body into the bar not using arms to bring it into the body, arms should be relaxed (tension kills momentum) and finally let the barbell float up because you want the barbell to get good height and speed. (Eventually learn how to do a full snatch one day)

For more in-depth explanations on helpful cues feel free to comment below on what you think helps and what you might want help with!